Committeeperson of the 14th Ward

What is a Democratic Committeeperson?

The Democratic Committeeperson is an unpaid position, elected every four years during the Illinois primary to represent their ward (or township) in the Democratic Party of Cook County.

What do they do?

A committeeperson is responsible for maintaining a local political organization within the ward and to organize events to engage neighbors.

In addition, they must also:

  1. Organize voter registration drives for residents of the Ward
  2. Lead GOTV outreach to increase civic participation and voter turnout
  3. Distribute information to inform voters on candidates in upcoming elections
  4. Develop an endorsement process to fill appointments and slate new candidates
  5. Plan election day operations and appoint judges of election

Aarón is running for Democratic Committeeperson

As Democratic Ward Committeeperson:

Aarón will appoint well trained impartial, and bilingual judges of election to make voting more accessible

Aarón will create a grassroots volunteer organization rooted in residents of the precincts to empower community

Aarón will hold regular meetings of the new ward organization to consult voters and residents and they will be open to everyone.

Aarón will organize regular U.S. Naturalization workshops to increase the number of voters and their participation in the civic life of the community.


Vote for Aaron M. Ortiz for Democratic Ward Committeeperson - Punch #253